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Founded in 2009, Vajram Group is a modern Real Estate Company located in Bengaluru. Our dedication lies in building practical, customer-oriented and eco-friendly structures by utilizing top-quality materials and superior engineering skills.

"Our foundation lies deeply rooted in the construction industry, where we have a strong history of delivering exceptional residential and commercial projects. Our core values are ingrained in every aspect of our work, from the initial blueprint to the final brick. With unwavering confidence in our belief that 'only superior quality and outstanding design can withstand the test of time,' we continue to satisfy hundreds of delighted customers." Vajram's driving passion is to revolutionize the appearance of residential and commercial properties in a saturated market inundated with uninspired designs and products. This fervent pursuit sparks our vision to construct exceptional properties with captivating designs that will undoubtedly make a bold statement on any urban skyline. Our chronic quest to embody the today's engineering technology, diligently cognizance on timely delivery of tasks, perceive the excellent land parcels in fast-growth regions, and the consistent pursuit of implementing outstanding business requirements has led us to being acknowledged with the aid of our clients as a pinnacle-notch builder within the industry.

Given that our inception, we had been developing residential and business tasks in various strategic places throughout Bengaluru. we have delivered around three million Sq. feet and are poised to supply any other five million sq. feet by means of 2025. we're quite dedicated to justifying clients' funding and not compromising on product design, first-class, and delivery, declaring transparency in all spheres of enterprise. As we inspect the destiny, we stay staunchly devoted to creating higher dwelling spaces wherein humans can paintings, live, and experience.

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We are dedicated to forging a future characterized by environmentally and socially conscious residences and industrial advancements. Sustainability forms an integral aspect of our unique offerings, seamlessly integrated into projects right from their inception. As pioneers in India's real estate sector, we have gained approval for Science-Based Targets (SBTi), marking our pursuit to achieve carbon neutrality in alignment with the Vajram Group's 2040 Carbon Neutrality Goals. In line with this commitment, we have pledged to develop exclusively Net Zero (energy, waste, and water) buildings by 2030, an impressive two decades ahead of the Paris Agreement's stipulations.

Sustainability at the Heart

1.1. Complete Green Portfolio

Since 2013, we have upheld a steadfast commitment to maintaining a fully green portfolio. Every one of our projects has achieved a rating of IGBC gold and above, or GRIHA 3 star and above.

1.2. Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Our determination extends to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 for both our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, encompassing our entire business operations. This aligns with the overarching carbon neutrality commitment of the VajramGroup. The adoption of Science-Based Targets plays a pivotal role in guiding us towards carbon neutrality within Vajram Lifespaces.

If you intend to buy property in Vajram, it will be viewed as a strong investment option with high value appreciation prospects given the area's scope for growth.

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